The sudafed woke me up at 3am today so I started looking at the directory search bug. Read some code, poked the directory search and results pages a bit, but no definite progress. I probably need to look under the hood while a search is running to get anywhere. Debug logging, figuring out whether it's using Gearman or not, etc. So I doubt I'll be of much use without a working dreamwidth installation to mess with. Hrm.

Edit: Oh, the directory geographic stats do work, so you can find out how many accounts are where. But of course that uses a different set of queries.

Edit 2: I have a theory now, at least. From UserSearch.xs comes this gem:

// FIXME: this will kinda blow w/ 64-bit pointers... we should/could just store 32-bit id instead.
resultset[resultset_size++] = &usermeta[uid];

Gee, I wonder what OS dreamwidth is running on...

Edit 3: That comment was a total red herring. Left a real diagnosis in the comments of the bug linked above. I really would have gotten nowhere fast without the hack space Janine mentioned and Sophie provided, plus this comment over on lj_dev.
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